Sample Patient Satisfaction Surveys

Ask Good Questions!

We have a dedicated team of professionals specializing in creation of patient satisfaction surveys for any healthcare provider. If you already have surveys built, we can work with those Q&As or work together to build survey using our extensive template library.

Our products and services are being used across a number of different Healthcare Providers. Following is a brief list:

-   Offices of Physicians (different specialty)
-   Offices of Optometrists
-   Offices of Physical, Occupational, and Speech Therapists
-   Dental Clinics
-   Chiropractic Clinics
-   General Medical and Surgical Hospitals
-   Psychiatric and Substance Abuse Hospitals
-   Elderly and Persons with Disabilities Service Providers
-   Residential Mental Health and Substance Abuse Facilities
-   Rehabilitation Home Providers
-   Drug Trial Patient Feedback Providers
-   Child and Youth Service Providers
-   Home Health Care Service Providers
-   Medical Students
-   Healthcare Employees Job Satisfaction

Listen to our samples!

Please listen to sample patient surveys for healthcare providers made available to you. The demo below simply introduces you to what your patients will step through while taking a phone survey with one of our friendly operators.

Phone Patient Satisfaction Survey Tips

If your company is getting started in building surveys from scratch or want to modify your existing surveys, please follow the following tips:

-   Keeping the survey short and simple
-   Designing a survey ideally with not more than ten questions
-   Guarantee patients anonymity so they feel comfortable giving you feedback
-   Easy to understand language
-   Ask questions that relates to goals of your organization concerning patient satisfaction
-   Always finish your surveys with an open ended question where patients can freely express their opinion about the service they received (only for operator driven surveys)

Clients utilizing our online, phone & paper based patient satisfaction surveys!

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