How Administrators View Patient Feedback

Online Interface - Live 24/7

Reporting interface for Administrators / Doctors provides you with the ability to view patient feedback - Live. As your patients are taking online surveys, you can see patient response.

Following are typical usage of our system:

-   Overall Patient Feedback for all Facilities
-   Facility vs. Facility Analysis
-   Overall Patient Feedback for all Doctors
-   Doctor vs. Doctor Analysis
-   Overall Patient Feedback for all Therapist
-   Therapist vs. Therapist Analysis
-   Best Performing Clinics/Doctors Analysis (custom reporting)
-   Worst Performing Clinics/Doctors Analysis (custom reporting)
-   Open ended patient feedback giving your patients the ability to provide you with detailed comments

See Sample Survey Results!

Below is a sample of how you will view your patient feedback. This is provided to simply show you how you can monitor patient satisfaction month over month.

Clients utilizing our online, phone & paper based patient satisfaction surveys!

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