How Patients Take Online Survey

Patient Access Options

Following are some of the ways our clients are having patients take online surveys. Combination of options listed below can be utilized based on client needs:

-   Let patients take surveys at a Kioks at your facility. This can be a simple iPad or a Laptop / Desktop setup with our software or, in some cases professional Kiosks can be setup.
-   Printed card handed to patients containing login information for patients
-   Printed labels can be produced containing patient login which can be pasted to patient take home documents
-   Email invitation can be sent to patients inviting them to take surveys online
-   Web-link can be made available on your website so patients can take survey

The health professionals can adopt various techniques for equipping the patients with the login and any other survey details. Some of our clients also share with their patients how they can qualify for a gift card or free services if they take the time to provide feedback. We can work with you to build a system to capture and report needed information. This usually increases the "patient response rate".


We will work with you to make sure privacy of your patients is respected. We will also guide you to what has worked best for our other clients.

Clients utilizing our online, phone & paper based patient satisfaction surveys!

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