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Online Patient Satisfaction Surveys

Get Patient Feedback, Online!

Our experts will help you put together patient satisfaction surveys to fit the needs and goals of your organization. Sample survey template library has been especially designed for different healthcare specialties such as:

-   Dental Clinic Patient Surveys
-   Hospitals Patient
-   Medical Clinics
-   Chiropractors
-   Other Healthcare Providers

How Patients Take Online Surveys

Our clients can provide their patients with a unique login card allowing them to take surveys securely. This can also be done via an email invitation to get patient feedback. Following are typical client setups we have encountered:

-   Giving Patients access to the survey with a unique login printed on a card
-   Microsoft Word labels containing survey login information which can be pasted on patient take home documents
-   Check-out kiosk setup with our platform
-   Invitational emails sent to patients to take surveys

Please view below our sample patient survey for healthcare providers. The demo below simply introduces you to what your patients will step through while taking an online survey.

How to Analyze Patient Feedback

Once patients provide feedback, you can see real-time results using our online reporting interface. Depending on your specific requirements, we also provide custom built reports fitting your needs.

Following are typical usage of our system:

-   Overall Patient Feedback for all Facilities
-   Facility vs. Facility Analysis
-   Overall Patient Feedback for all Doctors
-   Doctor vs. Doctor Analysis
-   Overall Patient Feedback for all Therapist
-   Therapist vs. Therapist Analysis
-   Best Performing Clinics/Doctors Analysis (custom reporting)
-   Worst Performing Clinics/Doctors Analysis (custom reporting)
-   Open ended patient feedback giving your patients the ability to provide you with detailed comments

See Sample Survey Results!

Please click on the image below to see sample results in flash. This is provided to simply show you how you can monitor patient satisfaction month over month.

Click to see live flash charts

Clients utilizing our online, phone & paper based patient satisfaction surveys!

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